Ancient Age

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I will have to go in for back surgery to fix that in April

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Well Christmas morning I jammed a Q.tip in my ear,
Twisted my back messed that up so been not so fun for the start of the year

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I'll be back soon guy's I'm having some medical issues I'm trying to figure out.

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  • ahhh, I hope nothing too serious
    1 week ago

Happy Birthgay!

Happier living alone. Much happier.

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  • why did Jordan leave?
    2 weeks ago
  • he went to poop and the hogs ate him
    1 week ago

Vodka from Ukraine is excellent, and I'm not glowing in the dark,

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The hero is the ribeye but its overcooked. Damn. What a shame.

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  • Probably needed some special sauce
    3 weeks ago